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Its ok i quess.

I really was expecting something different from TheWeebl like a catchy loop like some of your previous work, the animation was pretty damn good but the old over used memes are kind of what ruined it for me.

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Pretty good

This game has well past what i was expecting, and its changed alot compared to the origional, ie: the games runs smoother, better graphics, new items, more pig heads ;D however, i looked all around and i couldn't find a level editor like the first one has, could you by any chance add one?

ttursas responds:

:) There is an "editor" button in the title screen of the game... The editor itself is not very user friendly, but it works and we've used it to make all the levels in the game.

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I really like the nice background music and the lyrics are pretty good, its like i can almost picture the guy glued to the tv lol.

NoCoins responds:

That's me man! All my nerdcore is shit related to me basically, which is why I am so in love with the genre! It's much better than the horrorcore I do in that way, because I can actually relate to what I'm rapping about rather then killing people... I don't do that, the deep tracks I make for my horrorcore, yes I can relate to that because it's all real... Murder isn't, at least not for me. Gaming however, is what I've been doing my entire life!

Glad you like it buddy.

Love it!

I love the heavy intro and the music at 1:01 and 2:18, the ambiance that sounds like a pissed off crowd shouting goes very well with those parts. Its very inspiring to see you go through all that shit and still try to come out on top, hope everything works out well for ya.

Luke responds:

No coppers gonna stop me from doing what I love dawg!!

Very good.

I liked the ambiance in the background, you did a very good job with the drums. And its just overall easy to listen to.

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Fucking incredible.

Very well drawn, the only complaint I have is that the arms could have been a tad bit bigger, other than that it's flawless. Keep up the great work.

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